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Sunday, August 29, 2010

the bulkhead repiar is finished


If you recall last year :) this was pretty bad and important because it holds up the mast


i had to cut out a good size chunk to find dry wood


with the wonder of epoxy and time i have a bulkhead again

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tom Vs the Town

It seems on my neighbors does not like my boat cover so they filed a complaint


And the town left a letter in my door to give them a call on Monday of face there wrath

After talking to my friend who works for the highway department and my son the Assistant district attorney it seems the temporary nature of the cover will make it hard for them to do much but i will find out more on Monday

And if they want to get nasty about it i have a second design with no legs that is 100% boat supported :)

the hull to deck joint ficaso finished

i new the would be some problems when i removed the rub rail but as usally they were much worse than one would expect

There was more or less nothing holding the starboard hull to deck together due to a piss poor previous repair


I had to grind and clean out 29' of joint on the outside of the boat and inject west SIX-10 epoxy which was chosen because it is thickened and self mixes out of a standard caulking gun and then put rivets back into the original holes

It worked out pretty good BUT that was the easy part :)

Then i had to go inside the boat and grind off all the delaminated tape that was supposed to be holding the joint together

This was the mother of all fiberglass snow storms and made about 30 pounds of dust




So after much 6" tape a even more masking tape and paper as i had to do a lot of grinding insides the cabinets the hull is now rock solid

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Topsides sanding




I was able to sand 5 hours Saturday and 3 hours Sunday before my arms said enough so much of the old filler had fallen off i did not feel safe trusting any out it and ground it all out

It will be a PITA filling and fairing :)

the glass work is started

The glassing of the new inner skin to the core is some messy slow work BUT like everything else its getting easy with each section as i learn


i will try and get a focused picture latter but my but is kicked from sanding the topsides right now

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Around Long Island Fun

It was a good ride till we found the rock


So Zzzooom is down for at least a month as the rock at 7 knots did a lot of hull damage :(

i have gotten deep into the hull paint and glassing the recore and will have to update with some pictures