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Monday, April 23, 2012

Safety At SeaAt Sea 2012

My self and two other boat owners friends went to the 2012 New York area Safety At Sea which was sold OUT due the upcoming Newport/Bermuda Ocean Race requiring at least 1/3 of all crews attending in the last 5 years

It was a really LONG 8AM to 6PM non-stop day of well organized training done in modules that groups rotated to

And ER Doctor / Sailor spent and hour on handling medical issues and what the appropriate training would be to raise your skill level

9AM to 10:30

MOB drills on the water with a with a cadet in a dry suit serving as a real victim

10:50 to 11:35

Damage control with the main focus on techniques to stop BIG leaks FAST and it was WET :)

11:35 to 12:20

Emergency Communication with the speaker being and active CG Co-Pilot on what really works and why it works and the things that would allow him to find you once they get in the general area

A fast lunch with more speakers

1:30 to 2:15

Pyrotechnics were you will see how kind of useless all the basic single stuff is compared to the SOLAS equivalents

2:15 to 3:00

Fire Fighting with real fire and extinguishers and general advice about the team work needed to do it safely

3:10 to 4:40

In the pool in full foul weather gear to see how hard it is to be in wet gear and try and board a life-raft which a LOT of people could NOT do without a LOT of help

5:00 to 6:00

What else Weather and how to use whats out there to stay safe

SO a LONG LONG day of interesting stuff

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A bit of work life again

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One of my instrument installs with 20 temperature sensors and almost 6000 YES 6000 feet of wire as 10 sensors were on 500 foot runs

Weight loss goals

Photobucket Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

the North shore of Long Island has some really steep hiking trails The whole getting in back in shape for 2012 deal has worked out well with a now 30 pound weight loss and the upcoming big event the Greenbelt 32 mile one day hike The Blogger upgrade kind of sucks even by My real bad standards and misplaces all the text
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The solar system has been working well other than ME blowing up the first genasun control due to less than stellar instructions it was settled in a fair way and i am very happy with its peek output of 2.7 amps from the 40 watt panel and even on a cloudy day early in the AM it puts out.5 amps

To make the best use of my limited battery bank i invested in Sensibulb LED Light Bulbs

While 160 dollars is a LOT of money for 4 bulbs my boat interior is now well light on .6 amps VS the conventional bulbs draw of 4 AMPS

They do not look like much compared to some of the competition with insane amounts of led units BUT They are really bright with a nice color And the draw is LOW