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Friday, October 25, 2019


Seafever has a new life on the Great Lakes 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

I am not going to die but my health is no longer up to Sailing

Seafever needs a new keeper as my health is forcing Sailing to taken a permanent timeout

Keep Seafever Sailing

One day your doing doing 44 miles the next week your hobby becomes doctor visits don’t put off your dreams I certainly have no regrets

My Last 44 mile run

Friday, July 26, 2013

Seafevers BFS to Greenport and Back

Well we did some great sailing this week with only one day of needing the motor which is the best week of sailing luck i have ever had

It became apparent the weather was going to be crap on 7/25 and 7/26

As the crap weather and perfect timing of the flood tide home was setting up a sail home that may never be topped we went with it as 70 miles is a long day

We left Greenport at 6 am and had a nasty ride out to plum gut and after turning west the sled ride begin and the boat would just not go slower than 8 knots with regular surges to 12 knots and a peak speed of 13.2 knots

In a fair bit of great luck we on the mooring in Northport at 4:30 PM

 photo windandwaves72613_zps17702c85.jpg

 photo greenporttonorthport_zpsefff00b6.jpg

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The barbecue

Well i cant bring myself to trust the pressurized stove or the 1700 dollar price of a modern one so 120 dollars on sale seemed a good deal except it was another 60 something dollars for a marginal mount to hold it on the boat that was rated for light duty

 photo grillmount_zpsf0ff88b3.jpg

Being able to draw and make your own parts does have its advantages

 photo grillmounted_zps94522734.jpg

So now we have a solid HARD TO REMOVE unit

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mount Marcy

So we like like to hike and do soemthing really hard here and there and as we had taken the time off and thee was NO wind it was are plan B

Depending on which guide you read its hard or easy :)



So we start with something resembling a trail and have a pleasant first two miles


After reaching the now defunct Marcy Dam and Lake its a perfect day and on we go



At 2.1 miles we come to realize were gonna be rock hopping for 4 miles which is incredible difficult on your brain as every step has to be thought out



1.2 miles to go how hard could it be now :)


Apparently it can get a LOT harder as while you expect some difficulty you would also expect the Trail guide to mention that you would be scrambling a LOT and i cant even Imagen getting caught up there in the rain and do some of the sections


So we got up and down safe and it as a great day BUT it was HARD

Sailing Vs Motoring


If you know me my predominate mode of sailing is racing or day sailing which pretty much means the boats only get used when there is wind :)

However as we progress with Seafever as a second home and started cruising more it becomes easy to see were the does anybody sail anymore starts

From my racing experience on Long Island Sound most stuff starts in the afternoon so there is wind and are favorite is the Stratford Shoal distance race at 34 miles

Over the years i have lost count of how times many BUT we raced in 2008 2009 2010 and 2011 in conditions from


Taking between 6 and 8 hours to cover 34 miles THEN i had to go and start cruising

For 2012 we have done three overnight trips


Wicked rain and wind on Friday so we put it off 24 hours which just happens to be the 2012 Stratford Shoal race day

As we do not like to get arrive in new ports in the dark we left about 10am for a 21 mile trip :)

So after sailing off the mooring and reaching the sound the wind is still out of the east form the worst possible direction and a VMG above 3 knots is NOT gonna happen

So 23 miles into a 21 mile trip its 5 PM and we have no wind and nine miles to motor IF we ever want to reach Port Jefferson so for the first time in a long time we motor

Now its Sunday after a great stay in Port Jefferson and there is absolutely NO wind nor is any going to happen so it is a 21 mile motor home


Same deal except we decide we do not wish to motor 21 miles ever again :)

Its Friday afternoon and the trip is short enough we can wait for the wind to fill in

After sailing off the mooring the wind direction allows us to sail :) to the Oyster Bay mooring field at which point we use the motor 5 minutes and all is well

After another great evening we kill as much time as possible including walking 3 miles for breakfast and again the wind is NOT gonna happen

So we motor out a bit and are able to sail about 1/2 way home which is not what we want but as good as it was gonna get


Saturday and we really do not want to motor AGAIN so we bring dinner and start late and the wind just never happens so we never even leave to mooring

After a great evening of flat calm the wind starts to blow like stink at 3 AM in the upper 20s as it woke us UP

Come Sunday we tidy up the boat its still blowing a bit and by 10 Am it is dead flat again i guess the good thing is we did not use the motor

I can only conclude if you want to travel by sail on LIS you better be lucky on the days you pick


We had taken off August 23 and 24 for a four day weekend in which we figured we had to be able to sail at some point NOT

The wind forecast was really bad and correct so we used are plan B which was a Mount Marcy summit hike in one day and there was NOT even wind at 5400 ft

Monday, July 2, 2012

The thumb is doing much better

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Now 42 days in cast number two and now a custom splint to stop me from using the thumb

I am now out if the splint and in PT to regain movement and it's a lot of work BUT with about 1/3 of the movement back it is looking good

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The big danger of infection has passed and that is huge hurdle to get over