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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Flex-O-Fold Prop


I hope it works as good as it looks and now i can put the rudder back on next weekend



Saturday, March 10, 2012

Solar Power Project

Well i needed a boat break and i had gotten a BIT fat letting myself get back up to 205 pounds so i spent January and February dropping 22 pounds and getting back in really good shape

I met some people while out walking and got hooked on the quest to do the Greenbelt 32 which is the full Long Island Greenbelt Trail of 32 mils in one day and we worked up to 16 miles in under 5 hours with the big day coming in May

On of the really great sources on DIY boat projects is Mainsail

And like everything else he wrote up a GREAT solar panel guide

Which really took all of CRAP that did not work out to well out this project



So we have a 40 watt Sunwize panel mounted to the boat in a nice out of the way place that collects a good amount of sun with a bunch of stainless hardware that cost as much as the panel :) But we really do NOT want it falling off so gotta use the good stuff


The real key part is a good MPPT Control to get the most out of the panel


And we do not want leaks so a Blue Sea cable clam and a BUNCH of pain running the wire back to the control