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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Moving right along again

I put the rudder with its minor repairs i made to over the winter back in and it was quite the stand on your head and turn bolts affair but it works really nice :)


I finally got to the point wear the parts i replaced inside the boat no longer needed the old wood for templates so i had a chopping party


And for good measure rolled up all the standing rigging and shipped it off to be copied

It was a PITA to take apart the PRO_FURL but i am really glad i dis as the hear stay was badly worn on the top were the bearing inside the foil rubs on the wire


DON'T mess with one of these without reading the instructions :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A bit of what I do at work

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Of course I fix things like this giant 1000 gallon toothpaste mixer

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New parts prepped to weld

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And a new center section ready to do bunch more welding and grinding which if things go well will be mixing again by Friday

Busy again

with the 40 degree heat wave :)

I am going at it again and this weekend I did the final alinement of the motor and installed the stuffing box and shaft coupling ,shift and throttle cables

Kind of happy all that stuff lined up as after replacing the stern tube I would have had to shoot myself if I had put the tube in wrong

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Today I installed the custom copper water lift muffler the boat came with and also put the heat exchanger and hoses back on somehow this used up another 10 hours BUT everthing looks good

I will have to take some pictures