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Monday, March 14, 2011

More jobs done

It was a really productive weekend

I had all new standing rigging made by who did a great job and were very easy to work with

So i had to put the Profurl back together over the new headstay and put new locktite back on about 30 screws so i don't have them falling out the next windy day

The next rigging issue was the halyards with everybody insisting i change over to high-tech rope which by the time i re-machined the sheaves to work with all rope halyards was gonna end-up being a 1000 dollar deal

Having just spent 1100 dollars on standing rigging that was not to appealing SO i visited the ZZzooom graveyard



Which is owned by a friend i race with he had a big collection of wire to rope halyards he wanted to get rid of So i bit of cutting and Nico-Press and i had 3 plenty good halyards for nothing as i own the BIG tools to do the job



I finished up the sink through hull and connected up some more expensive approved hose the stuff is decorated like a race car with approvals :)

And to make my weekend complete i installed the new fuel filter/anti-siphon valve and A-1 fuel lines from the tank to the A-4 carburetor and anothe 8 expensive hose clamps that is done and safe

Sunday, March 6, 2011

even more hoses

Well now even raw water hose has to have special marking on it


So we have are nice new seacock going to are nice old SEN-DURE sea strainer


And then the water pump and in and out of the hat exchanger

Fuel system about finished

One of the bigger issues was the fuel filler being inside the cockpit on the sole in terms of getting water in the fuel and its just not safe compared to a modern install

So about 1k later

We have a nice new tank with the fill and vent tubes headed in the correct direction


A fuel fill and vent that are wear they belong


And a some special Trident fill hose that would make some of the crazy bends needed