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Thursday, July 19, 2018

I am not going to die but my health is no longer up to Sailing

Seafever needs a new keeper as my health is forcing Sailing to taken a permanent timeout

Keep Seafever Sailing

One day your doing doing 44 miles the next week your hobby becomes doctor visits don’t put off your dreams I certainly have no regrets

My Last 44 mile run


  1. Hello! Discovered your blog about five minutes ago! I’ve owned a Cal 29 for about ten years and she’s been wonderful. We do race her, just local stuff, Wednesday night beer can, etc. I’m very interested in communicating with anyone who races a Cal 29. I’d like to know about tuning, polars, successful tactics, etc. I know that you don’t sail anymore and I was sad to read that, but did you every race? Can you put me in touch with anyone who does? Thanks a million! Paul

  2. Hello, I have recently acquired my own diy overhaul of a ‘69 Cal 29. I have read most all your blog posts from the bottom up and am sad to see Sea Fever on the market for lack of a skipper. The Cal 29 is an excellent boat that is applicable for all skill levels. I sailed mine home out of Annapolis with very limited previous experience with no problems, and folks still race these very competitively. Just a great boat and a steal for what I see Sea Fever listed at, especially knowing what you put into her.
    Despite your excellent blog and pictures I have mounting pile of questions regarding your experiences with Sea Fever. If you happen upon this post and health and time permit please shoot me an email or response. I would love to converse. Happy holidays. Phil

  3. hello
    your blog is awesome and so helpfu. I'm sorry you cannot sail anymore but so many things to do instead hopefully. I own now a Cal 29-2 and I discovered via your blog that I have the same problem with the Beam ; ((((. I have a lot of question, therefore if you have a bit of time I will be great if we connect and if you have the time of course. My email is :
    Looking forward to talk to you
    Take care

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  5. Hello Tom
    Greetings from Michigan
    All things considered I hope this note finds you well. News re: SeaFever