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Monday, July 2, 2012

The thumb is doing much better

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Now 42 days in cast number two and now a custom splint to stop me from using the thumb

I am now out if the splint and in PT to regain movement and it's a lot of work BUT with about 1/3 of the movement back it is looking good

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The big danger of infection has passed and that is huge hurdle to get over

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  1. Hi there. Stumbled across this blog while searching about sailboats. I did exactly the same thing to my left thumb 7 or 8 years ago (but on glass), and after religiously keeping it immobile and wearing the splints, I was lucky enough to have 100% range of motion by about 12 weeks. The tendon took 4 big sutures to reconnect, and then a dozen or so to close the skin. I eventually had them remove those sutures, as they felt awful sliding around under the skin, and now I only ever think about it when I notice the scar. Good luck getting back to normal.