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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Seafever has running water :)

Its amazing how much a faucet can cost and not even be all that good :rolleyes:

So after a relentless search i found these ECO PURE units as Lowes which are perfect in that there really well made and have a nice low flow and are setup with a 3/8 tube push lock fitting

To keep the women happy we went with the Traveler Self-Contained Toilet / Holding Tank as the 9 gallons fits are use of the boat without all the complexity of cramping in a holding tank in a boat that was built without one

Of course no good dead go without problems and ones under a heavy load the pump started leaking BUT it was on sale at defenders warehouse sale and i would have most likely regretted fixing a 30 year old pump as some bolts were breaking when i took it apart

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  1. Hello! I just bought a 1971 cal 29 and I am having toilet issues. Do recommend me getting a self contained toilet? I realized that I do not have a holding tank! Asking for advise!