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Friday, June 3, 2011

A big milestone this week


Its was a great week as i had the insurance survey done on Tuesday and the boat went through with flying colors

General Summary/Risk Assessment/Values: This boat was found to be well constructed originally, and it has not suffered any major damage or repairs. The basic structure of the boat – the hull, deck, and interior, is sound. The foredeck has been largely rebuilt to correct a delamination condition. The work has been well done. The standing rigging is all new., and the mast and sails are in good condition. The engine, fuel and exhaust systems have all been rebuilt or replaced. The hull has been repainted. There are still some cosmetic upgrades to be made to the interior. In general, the boat has benefited from a knowledgeable and conscientious owner. If the recommendation is followed I would consider it to be an acceptable risk. I would place its current market value, as surveyed, based on book values as well as selling prices of similar boats

cant tell you everything BUT i was happy with the figure and was able to insure it at that level with no problem

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