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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bottom paint the last BIG project

While a boat is and endless series of projects interspersed with a bit of sailing most of them are relatively small

And then theirs scraping off 20 years of bottom paint :)


On my last effort to get ready for topside paint i stopped at this point because i felt i was not going to get another week of such perfect topside painting weather and it has proven to be true

There has not been another solid week of good weather

Somehow i discovered a new tool a cheep home depot 2.5"in carbide paint scraper

The carbide blade is supposed to last 10 times longer than a standard metal blade and i would say it lasted about 50 times longer and worked about 50 times faster

I used up 7 blades at 4.95 each and it was worth every penny because i got all the paint off and prepped in two brutal days of scraping and sanding



In a final act of mercy Uncle Joe the previous owner and a great friend of mine did and and amazing barrier coat job a while back and there is NOT a single blister/bubble/hickey nothing

So i just have to build up some thing spots near the water line and give it a fresh coat or three of barrier coat and two coats of bottom paint

The hull and keel are amazing fair and i believe a good bit better than my J24 was even when it was brand new

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  1. Question... did you bought or rent the jack stands to paint the bottom part? or you hire someone to put the boat in those stands??? please answer me to
    thank you.